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The Outsiders

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In the book The Outsiders by S.E Hinton, writes about  a teen gang  called The Greasers in rural Oklahoma struggled to overcome life-threatening obstacles in their everyday life. The main characters Ponyboy, Darry, SodaPop and Johnny cause mischievous trouble, being in lower class they face many judgements and stereotypical insults mainly their higher class rival gang the Socs. But, it all changes when Dally has a moment with a Soc girl  things escalate quickly and a fight breaks out leaving young Ponyboy and Johnny to flee. Will Johnny and Ponyboy make it out alive? Will they change their lifestyle? Or will they fall back in to their same old routine?


Book Review

Tokyo Ghoul -Sui Ishida

Want to believe you are in a world of gore? Then this is the right place! I’m here to give another book review on another manga. Its called Tokyo Ghoul. IN the city of Tokyo roams carnivorous creatures called ghouls. They live as humans durning the day and they kill at night. Now its time to meet the first ever half-ghoul Kaneki Ken. His body has been implanted with the remains of a dead ghoul named Rize. He was attacked by her and then she was “accidentally killed” by a falling structure. Kaneki now has one red eye and can’t control his kagune(weapon). Now hes being attacked by many other ghouls and he has to deal with it. Welcome to a world of blood…




Book Review 9/12/17

Say I Love You – Kanae Hazuki

Mei Tachibana has always been this girl who never had friends neither a boyfriend. People always play her and pretend to be her friend but instead they hurt her. What happens when she catches the eye of the most popular guy in school, Yamato Kurosawa. It all started when this pervert dude tried to lift up her skirt. She defended herself by giving the guy a kick in the face he accomplished it but the error was she hit the wrong dude. Yamato. After that incident she started receiving more hate than she already did. Yamato eyes started setting on to hers when she gave him that kick in the face. Then the whole adventure starts! I hope you think about this book especially you otakus out there who never read this book! Peace!


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Book Review: Frankenstein

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In this classic novel written by Mary Shelley, the life of Victor Frankenstein is told and his journey from childhood to creating a vicious creature from one of his science experiments. Throughout the novel Mary Shelley intelligently moves the story along, unraveling the possible events in Victor’ life that led him to start such an unusual experiment. All her characters were captivating with a strong storyline and the language was just as rich; proving why Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a well-known classic.

Alejandra Lopez

Book Review

The Broken Bike Boy and the Queen of 33rd street by Sharon G. Flake

Queen is a sassy fifth grader who believes that she is a queen. She doesn’t take no for an answer and she is very confident when it comes to talking to others. A new boy in class named Leroy has just came from Senegal. Everyone in the class knows that he doesn’t look the best or even smell the best, but leave it to Queen to point that out in front the whole class. So when Leroy brings elephant tusks and gold coins to the class for show and tell, Queen decides that Leroy is lying about how he had got them. You see, Leroy was a prince in Senegal!

– Sydni Dantes


Book Review

The Skin I’m In by Sharon G. Flake

Not only does Sharon G. Flakes award winning novel hit close to home, but it also portrays the life of many African American girls around the world. In the book, the main character Maleeka, a seventh grader, faces a lot of hate from her classmates because of her skin color. Even though her mother tells her to keep her head up high it’s still hard for Maleeka to feel confident when an egotistical boy named John-John is always telling her otherwise.

I think people should read this book because it is very captivating and most importantly, relatable. Once you start reading this book you won’t want to put it down!

–  Sydni Dantes


Book Review: Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

13 reasons why.  13 sides to the story of why Hannah committed suicide.  Friends are supposed to  be loyal; teachers are supposed to be supportive; families are supposed to be caring.  Clay is on one of the mixtapes Hannah sends out before she kills herself.  He needs to listen to it and pass it on, and if he doesn’t mail all of the mixtapes, they will be mailed out to everyone.  He doesn’t know why Hannah singled him out as one of the thirteen people that contributed to her suicide, but he’s going to find out- and when he does, it will change him forever.  Hannah was a good girl and all she wanted to be was happy.  And now she is.

By Sabrina M.