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Reviews by Joshua A.

Michael Vey #5 Storm of Lightning by Richard Paul Evans

This book gives inspiration of what science can do and all the mysteries of science. It shows how people go and create things and try to use them to overthrow the world, but Michael Vey did not want to be used so he rebelled against Dr. Hatch. This is a good book for all readers.

I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

This is a great story it made me come close to tearing at the end where the main character and Sarah see each other for the last time for a while. It was action-packed and it was very romantic.

The Fall of Five by Pittacus Lore

This book is another component of the series I Am Number Four and this book continues the plot that the Mogadorians are trying to do everything to destroy Lorien’s legacy.  Will John Smith (the protagonist) and the rest of his Lorien friends be enough to stop the Mogadorian process?

Variant by Robison Wells

This book gives a warm feeling to the reader s howing them what a cruel world we all live in and how it can affect us all.  It’s about all the people who have no parents and get abandoned.  They get sent to a boarding school, but it’s more like a prison and the new kid who comes decides that he wants a better life.

Feedback by Robison Wells

This second part of the story was a great sequel to the book Variant and I like how the author,  Robison Wells, continues the story and ends it with mysterious feeling.

Firefight by  Brandon Sanderson

This book gave a huge sense of suspense and it made you feel exactly what was going on in the book and it also shows you what true love is.



Book Review: Team Human by Justine Larbalestier and Sarah Rees Brennan

Team Human By Justine Larbalestier and Sarah Rees Brennan


Vampires are cold, blood-sucking monsters and feast on humans at night.  They are watching your every step.  Okay. Wait. Hold on.  These vampires in this book are harmless and drink donated blood that humans give to them.  Mel, a human, hates- okay, not hates, dislikes vampires.When her best friend falls in love with a vampire, she tries to do everything she can to snap her friend out of because she wants to help her friend Anna with her situation with her mother.  Mel suspects Anna’s mother is acting weird because of the vampire her best friend is falling in love with, and her best friend makes a life-changing decision.  Also, she has an alibi, Kit, who she is growing fond of.  Can she help her best friend and Anna before it’s too late?

By Sabrinshims M.

Book Review: Matched by Ally Condie


Looking for a book to read? Here’s one.  Matched by Ally Condie is a book about a futuristic society and how some people are against it, like Cassia.  At first, she didn’t mind- how could she? She was matched with her best friend Xander.  Then while looking at Xander’s microcard, someone else’s face appeared.  The official said it had to be a mistake and that everything should be back to normal, but Cassia doubted it- she knew the boy who’s face she saw too.  He was an Aberration and could never be matched.  Neither knew that they would eventually have feelings for each other.  Although Cassia knows the society is watching her, she has a secret that could destroy everyone’s lives- even her own.  Is she willing to take the risk? Read and find out!!!

-By Sabrinshims M.

Book Review: Proxy

Proxy by Alex London


The book Proxy by Alex London is very interesting.  I only started reading it because I thought it had an interesting cover, but it turns out it also had an interesting story.  The book mainly takes place in Mountain City, in a futuristic time period where most of the earth has been destroyed.  In this society, there are patrons and proxies.  The patrons, being extremely rich and beautiful, live in Mountain City while the proxies and everyone else live in filth and constant danger in the Valve.

Our main characters are Sydney Carton and Knox Brindle.  Sydney is Knox’s proxy and it hasn’t been easy since Knox is irresponsible, self-centered, and is attracted to trouble.  This is a problem for Sydney because every time Knox does something wrong, he gets punished.  Sydney, on the other hand, is self-reliant, kind, and tries to avoid attention.  These two completely different people will have to team up if they want to survive and change the world.

By Sam B.

Manga Review: Death Note

Review:   Death Note
death-note-025                  Author: Tsugumi Ohda

I think Death Note is a very interesting series of books because they challenge you to keep track of the time period in which they occur, and because the characters are divided into good and bad people, some of whom are not what they seem to be.

Light Yagami, a high school student, finds the notebook (death note) that falls from the Shinigami world. He reads the “How to Use’’ instructions, which he does not believe, so he does experiments to prove whether the notebook’s claims are indeed possible.


Light discovers that the claims in the notebook are true so he becomes obsessed and starts killing a lot of people. The police learn that people are dying without reason so Light hides his identity with the name of “Kira.”

L, also known as Ryuzaki, is an eccentric genius and an international private detective who tries to capture the killer of the notebook.

Light wanted to build a perfect world without criminals and would do whatever it took to achieve it.

Much of the plot revolves around Light trying to hide his identity and not get captured, while the notepad makes everyone kill each other until N, one of L’s successors, can prove that L was right that Light was the murderer.  However, the introduction of Misa Amane, the girl who is in love with Light, and the interference of the Shinigami Ryuk complicate his task.

1 Main characters

~cassandra castaneda~

Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars

Review:  The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
            Diagnosed with cancer, Hazel Grace Lancaster knows she is slowly dying and has given up every hope in ever living a life as a normal teenage girl. This book tells the journey of a cancer patient who finds love in the most unexpected place. Captivated by romance, Gus and Hazel’s realistic love relationship made me wear my heart on my sleeve every time I turned the page to read what came next. With a heartbreaking turnout, this story will make you cry as you let the death of my favorite character sink in. Beautifully written with amazing imagery, John Green did a great job at creating one of the most authentic teen romances. I highly recommend it to any hopeless romantics out there like myself.
By Laura T

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